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Analyzing and Managing

Dimetor is a Latin word that means “measure out”. Dimetor provides solutions to enable remote site audits and to ensure accurate engineering parameters are synchronized with the data bases. How we do that? First we capture data from wireless infrastructure, for example by utilizing drones. We then process and analyze the data.We compute the results and provide them for further use. By doing so, we connect, compare and synchronize the data with respective other data that is available in various data bases and software solutions.

About us

What is DIMETOR?

Dimetor was initiated by telecom and software professionals. Their daily tasks in the field of wireless infrastructure, radio network planning, geo-location analysis and operational field optimization have one thing in common: they require accurate information about the physical engineering parameters such as location, height and orientation of an antenna.

Without accurate input data, the outcome can be misleading or just false.

Therefore, Dimetor focused on developing cost effective remote solutions that help providing accurate engineering parameters for wireless networks.

Dimetor provides patented technology and software solutions that enable automated end-to-end process automation.

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